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Tue September 26, 2023
Dr. Okyere Korankye
Share: First male Principal leads St. Monica’s College of Education

The first male Principal has officially been given the mandate to lead St Monica’s College of Education in the Ashanti Region since its establishment in 1930.

Dr. Okyere Korankye was sworn in as the College’s 10th Principal and will provide the school with a fresh look and new growth initiatives.

He would have a four-year term that may be renewed with good performance.

Dr. Korankye expressed happiness about the promotion and promised to work relentlessly with personnel to ensure the College’s continued progress.

According to him, measures are being taken to assist some lecturers to continue to provide administrative services to the College.

Dr. Korankye stated that the College is working toward those who have not yet attained the necessary qualifications to lecture – giving them the opportunity and supporting them to do so.

“I intend to work together with all of them. Our vision is to ensure that we improve their performance both professionally and academically, he said.”

He underlined that one of the most important methods to increase academic performance in the College is through staff development, thus the College is ready to support many of the lecturers in their pursuit of PhDs within the next five years.

Even though the College does not have many problems with lecture halls, Dr. Korankye said, finding accommodations has been a significant problem for them.

He explained that certain dormitory blocks intended to address the issue had been abandoned as they near completion, which he considers worrying.

He made a plea for help from the government and other charitable institutions.

Dr. Okyere Korankye urged students to focus completely on their academics rather than taking part in activities that would jeopardise their chances of achieving their educational goals.

The Chairman of the College Governing Council, Most Rev. Cyril Bensmith encouraged the new Principal to continue to work hard towards achieving a lot more feats.

He also urged him to work closely with the staff to ensure further academic improvement in the College.

“Leaders in Ghana do not consult and they don’t encourage other people to be part of their team – whether opposition or not encourage the people to be part of your team. They will all have a voice, so I will encourage him to get all of them on board and then move the College forward,” he said.

The event brought together several people including the Municipal Chief Executive for the area, Thomas Appiah Kubi, Principals of other Colleges of Education, the Municipal Education Director, CETAG, and Chiefs among others amidst various cultural performances.

Share: First male Principal leads St. Monica’s College of Education

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