Teacher Education Journal
Wed July 17, 2024

Hannah Tinyep Mobya

Hannah Tinyep Mobya works as a member of the Management and Media Team with the Teacher Education Journal (TEJ). Ms. Mobya is a development communication professional with the belief that facilitating access to information and knowledge and strong messaging are central canons to causing social and behavioural change. She leverages strong public speaking skills to promote participation and empower stakeholders and partners to tell their success stories. She also possesses standard videography, photography, editing, and sub-editing skills, constantly upgrading and adopting knowledge to keep up to speed in the fast-changing digital space. She is familiar with a wide range of graphics and social media platforms to produce campaign videos, animated feeds, and interactive websites. She also has a strong understanding of media trends – using social media to manage and share programme documentation to inform and cause social change. Ms. Hannah Tinyep Mobya works as the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Officer with Transforming Teaching, Education & Learning (T-TEL).

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