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Wed July 17, 2024
Tej Appoints New Management Team
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The Teacher Education Journal (TEJ) has appointed two new Managing Editors to assist in the operations of the news journal. The appointment of the new managing editors comes at a time when restructuring is ongoing to revive the journal’s operations to continue its advocacy works in Ghana’s teacher education sector.

The new Managing Editors are Bismark Tay, the Managing Editor, and Hannah Tinyep Mobiya, the Deputy Managing Editor.

Bismark has extensive experience in leadership and management, team building, coaching, and exceptional writing prowess, making him an excellent fit for this pivotal role. We are confident that his foresight and expertise will greatly contribute to enhancing and revitalizing the various divisions of the Journal.

Bismark will be ably assisted by Ms. Hannah Tinyep Mobya as the Deputy Managing Editor.

Tinyep is a development communication professional in the media and education space. She is passionate about project Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) processes, knowledge management, sharing information, and telling stories about why desired intervention changes happen or not.

She is also highly skilled in producing high-quality documentaries to communicate change and influence the way people think and act.

Management of the news journal promises its ardent readers great content in its future publications as the journal undergoes restructuring.

Share: TEJ Appoints New Managing Editors

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