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Wed July 17, 2024
Share: Prof. Mitchual Shares His Vision for Research at UEW

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), Prof. Stephen Jobson Mitchual, has unveiled an ambitious vision to position UEW as a global leader in research, with a commitment to generating high-quality evidence that informs national and international education policies.

Speaking at a day’s research colloquium organised by the Institute for Educational Research and Innovation Studies (IERIS), Prof. Mitchual outlined key strategies to elevate UEW’s research legacy.

Internally, Prof. Mitchual emphasised the importance of research informing teaching and learning, calling for innovative approaches that generate evidence directly impacting education policies and practices. He expressed a strong desire to increase UEW’s visibility and authority on educational issues through systematic documentation of evidence conducive to policymaking.

One of the central components of his vision is the establishment of UEW as a global force through research consultancies aimed at supplementing the university’s Internally Generated Funds (IGF). Prof. Mitchual announced that this initiative is already in progress and encouraged internal support for its success.

During the colloquium, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Victor Antwi, read Prof. Mitchual’s speech, where the Vice-Chancellor disclosed plans to examine UEW’s research policy and the Manual for Research, Innovation, and Staff Development Fund. This move aligns with the Ghana Tertiary Education Policy (2019), which mandates tertiary institutions to allocate 10–15% of their budget to an institutional research fund.

Prof. Mitchual urged Deans and Directors to actively contribute to the realisation of UEW’s status as a research university by raising funds to support research. He emphasised the need for department heads to encourage research and lecturers to adopt research-driven teaching methods. Building the capacity to support graduate enrollment and planning for high-quality experiences for MPhil/PhD students are integral to achieving this vision.

In adherence to key policies, including the UEW Act 672, the Ghana Tertiary Education Policy (2019), the UEW Statute (2020), the UEW Research Policy, and the Manual for Research, Innovation, and Development Fund (2016), Prof. Mitchual assured that management would spare no effort in realising the envisioned transformation of UEW into a research powerhouse.

The Director of IERIS, Prof. Vincent Adzahlie-Mensah, complemented the vision by highlighting five major characteristics of research universities. He emphasised the concentration of research and postgraduate training programmes, the core function of research and knowledge generation, and the importance of maintaining a significant postgraduate enrollment.

“Research universities serve as focal points for the nation’s research initiatives and advanced academic training programmes. In institutions specifically identified as research-focused, the primary functions revolve around research endeavours and the generation of knowledge. A heightened emphasis is placed on postgraduate studies, forming a pivotal aspect of their strategic priorities.

“Designated research universities are characterised by a substantial postgraduate enrollment, with a stipulated requirement of at least 25%. Moreover, these institutions maintain a balanced academic ecosystem, adhering to a Master’s to Ph.D. students’ ratio not exceeding 5:1,” he affirmed.

Participants engaged in insightful discussions, offering valuable advice and recommendations on UEW’s journey to becoming a top research university. Prof. Mitchual’s vision marks a significant stride towards elevating UEW’s reputation and influence in the academic landscape, both within Ghana and on the global stage.

Share: Prof. Mitchual Shares His Vision for Research at UEW

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