Teacher Education Journal
Wed July 17, 2024

Our History

The Teacher Education Journal (TEJ) is an online news journal/newspaper established as the Teacher Trainees’ Weekly Journal in October 2018 and later named the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal in January 2019.

The Journal was in November 2022 rebranded from Colleges of Education Weekly Journal to Teacher Education Journal. This rebranding aims to reflect what the Journal stands for and expand its scope in the education sector. The rebranding to the Teacher Education Journal also highlights the importance of teacher training institutions and puts them in the spotlight.

The Journal seeks to inform stakeholders on happenings in the Colleges of Education and the entire education sector.

The Journal officially started operations in January 2019 and is registered under the National Media Commission as an official newspaper/publication with license number (NMC/CJ.39/19/40019).

Four years on, the Journal has become a reputable news outlet for stakeholders and has consistently reported on the transformation of Colleges of Education into degree-awarding institutions. It is the only officially registered newspaper that serves as a channel for transmitting information that encapsulates the concerns of Mentoring Universities, Principals, Tutors, Non-teaching Staff, and Student teachers in the 46 Public Colleges of Education and the five public universities in Ghana.

The Journal has a research component where critical issues emanating from the Colleges of Education are investigated with empirical data and analyzed to inform policy direction and implementation. The Journal collaborates with the Ministry of Education, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), National Teaching Council (NTC), mentoring Universities of the Colleges of Education, Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL), and other stakeholders on matters relating to teacher education.

The TEJ remains committed to informing, educating, and guiding stakeholders on issues within the teacher education sector and beyond.


To be the most reliable teacher education platform for education stakeholders.


Provide information and services in teacher education through critical communication.


  1. To provide accurate, clear, and fair information to readers in educational institutions.
  2. To provide stakeholders with information on happenings within the education sector.
  3. To provide a platform on which students and teachers in the education sector can air their views.
  4. To provide a platform for supervisory bodies and agencies to inform stakeholders on educational policies and programmes.

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