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Sat June 15, 2024
abandoned projects
Share: Most abandoned projects in Colleges of Education are due to partisan politics – Daniel Fenyi

The Deputy Editor of the Teacher Education Journal, Daniel Fenyi, said that most building projects in Colleges of Education have been abandoned because of partisan politics.

According to him, most governments fail to complete projects started by their predecessors since they have different visions they want to execute.

In an interview on JoyNews, The Pulse on Thursday, Mr. Fenyi said that this has left many schools with uncompleted buildings.

His statement comes after many Colleges of Education had to restrict the number of candidates to be admitted, and in some cases find additional accommodation for continuing students due to a lack of infrastructure.

“Different governments have their agenda and so when they come they find it difficult to continue what the previous government started. Going around we realised that some of the projects started as far back as 12 years, 5 years, and 8 years ago,” Mr. Fenyi said.

He added that “we found out that these projects transcend the governments. That is why we were able to confirm that partisan politics, internal politics, and academic politics come to play.”

The Teacher Education Journal editor noted that the completion of these projects is for the benefit of the country’s future educational system.

He explained that the provision of quality education for teacher trainees is the only guarantee for better teachers in the future.

“Whatever the case, it is the welfare of our teachers. These are people who are coming out to teach our children. If we accord them quality education, we stand a better chance of getting quality teachers to train our children.” he said.

Mr. Fenyi, therefore, urged Ghanaians to come together and work towards ensuring that all abandoned projects are completed.

Share: Most abandoned projects in Colleges of Education are due to partisan politics – Daniel Fenyi

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